Leukocare Biotechnology AG
Michael Scholl. Leukocare AG CEO

Michael Scholl

MICHAEL SCHOLL as CEO (chief executive officer) heads the divisions strategy, finance, corporate law, marketing & sales and human resources. After his degree as a business engineer he obtained strategic and organizational business experience working as a business consultant.

Subsequently Michael took up various positions in the development and financing of technology companies.


Prof. Dr. Martin Scholz


Prof. Dr. Martin Scholz - Leukocare AG CEO

PROF. DR. MARTIN SCHOLZ founded the company. As CSO (chief scientific officer) he is responsible for the development of LEUKOCARE’s technology portfolio. His expertise lies in the therapeutic modulation of de-regulated immune responses and resulting tissue damage by biofunctional medical devices.

Martin‘s research sparked the idea to modulate the immune system by means of extracorporeal immune therapy.

Dr. Jens Altrichter - Leucocare AG

Dr. Jens Altrichter

DR. JENS ALTRICHTER as COO (chief operating officer) complements the board of executive directors. He heads the activities for external partner-driven development projects. In addition, Jens is responsible for the quality management system of LEUKOCARE. Jens worked for more than 15 years in executive positions in Medtech and Biotech companies.